Windy weather catches doors!

Post date: Feb 16, 2020 12:9:59 PM

Note to all users:

If you are using the Fenton’s centre to teach, attend a class or to meet family at times when the building is not unlocked for general use and/or the cafe is not open - then please ensure that no doors are left on the latch and are fully secured behind you.

We had an incident last weekend where an external door was left open and sadly the wind caught it and blew away our gorgeous newly fitted blinds. The doors are very heavy and if the wind takes them there can be expensive damage and potential danger to users.

We understand that this is not always convenient, but we appreciate at these times teachers waiting until all their clients are in for their class and then shutting the doors - and out again after the class has finished. Please also do not prop doors open during classes at this time.

Thank you for your understanding, stay safe and wrap up warm! #stormdennis #communitymatters. If you might like to book our meeting room see What Facilities do you have? and get in touch Contact Details