South Cerney Parish Council wishes to extend grateful thanks to all those in the village and beyond who helped turn Fenton's from an idea into a valued and successful asset to the South Cerney community:

....... and to our late friends David Croft and Raymond Fenton

Redrow Homes

Henry Pollard & Sons

Milton Architects

White Design Associates Ltd

Ridge & Partners LLP

Method LLP


Gloucestershire CC

James Fenton (JF Electricals)

Stephen Ward (SP Ward)

James Harris Contracting

Philip Nicholas

Peter Jay

Patrick Mills

David Coope

David Smith

Juliet Layton

Sue Adams

Kate Brown

Ian Bullock

Steve Coffey

Richard Dickson

John Daffern

Debbie Farrant

Jane Franklin

Darren Gadd

Becky Edlington

Alan Fisher

Katherine Isles

Becky Kimberley

Yesim Nicholson

Tom Scanlon

Roger Scott

Mike Stuart

Lisa White

Kate Young

South Cerney Flower Show

Cerney Lakes Tennis Club

The Lunch Club

Caroline Brookes

Ian Davies

Susan Court

Nick Dauncey

Mike Easley

Roger Edgar

Alettia Elwin

Brian Faulkner

Chris Fenton

Peter Homerston

David Hughes

Kelvin Wearing

Geoff Swann

Cally Stevenson

Trevor Sibbick

Steve Sheppard

Geoff Rickard

Rachel Ranger

Jenny Jay

Ian Kennedy