Fenton’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Fenton’s?

A: Teal Way, right in the middle of South Cerney! So you can walk or cycle there easily, via Ham Lane, The Limes, Huxley Court or The Mallards and Nightingale Way. For more info see Directions.

Q: How can I book it?

A: To use the Sports Hall or the Meeting Room, go to the Booking page to see our hire fees and then contact the Facilities Manager Contact Details .

Q: When is Fenton’s open?

A: The building can be used between the hours of 08:00am - 23:00pm. When Café@Fenton’s is open the building is open (currently 9 am to 1 pm Monday to Saturday and 3 to 6 pm on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays). Otherwise the building can only be accessed when a booked class or event is running and the external doors may be locked and access only possible by a key code given to authorised bookings.

Q: What about dogs?

A: Well behaved dogs are welcome as well of course as Assistance Dogs who are always allowed in the building. The café also has an outside terrace with tables and chairs and hooks for dog leads.

Q: Does Fenton’s have Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, currently it is free, but if it’s abused, we’ll have to reconsider.

Q: What’s happening to the Village Hall?

A: Nothing; we still love that too. The Village Hall is ideal for many clubs, meetings and activities. Fenton’s has been designed to complement the Village Hall, not to complete with it.

Q: What if the sports hall is too warm for my game of badminton/ dance class?

A: The ‘wind-catchers’ in the roof open with the touch of a button.

Q: Can I hire the main hall for my child's party?

A: We don't take bookings for parties at Fenton's but The Village Hall is perfect for them with kitchen facilities and room for a bouncy castle!

Q: What if I have another question?

A: Please contact us Contact Details